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How to Search on Google Effectively

by ssi | Jan 16, 2018 | Content Marketing, Google Algorithm Update, Latest SEO Trends, Search Engines, SEO companies, Seo Services, seo strategies, SEO Techniques, Social Media Marketing, Web Content Writing |

When an internet user needs to find anything on the World Wide Web, first thing he does is to ask Google. He types in the necessary word or words and Google displays the relevant results. Most of the time he is satisfied with the results. But under certain circumstances Google does not provide the exact answers we are looking for. The answers to the query might not be what we are looking for. This looks like an interesting case study for people interested in SEO and search engine rankings. How can we make Google provide the proper answers? Are there any Google search tips and tricks to easily find the information? Searching in Google is one of the important functions we do every day. This website has become a necessary part of our life. An SEO analyst should be curious what happens when people do not get the right results. They must probably be changing their search pattern. Mostly likely they might give up after few attempts. But there are some who do know how to google something. Yes there are certain tips and tricks to hasten your search query. They help you to get the most of search engines. Let us find out what these search methods are: 1) Use of quotations: When you need to search for a phrase use quotations marks around the phrase. For e.g.: if you are searching for Mumbai local train timetable, add quote marks before and after the phrase. So when you type in this manner “Mumbai local train timetable”, Google will fetch you the right results you are looking for. Of...

What Did Indians Search for in 2017?

by ssi | Jan 12, 2018 | Content Marketing, content writing, Keyword Density, Latest SEO Trends, Link Building, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, SEO companies, SEO mistakes, SEO News, Seo Services, seo strategies, SEO Techniques, Social Media Marketing |

It is always good to know what people are searching on Google and other portals. For the SEO professional it is crucial to understand trends and what is popular. It helps in understanding what works and what does not. Knowing the past trends also helps in predicting the future trends. Indians have taken to the internet as fish to water. In our country the internet usage is increasing gradually but surely. Day by day, more and more Indians are joining the internet as they hear about its popularity. According to some SEO analytical reports, by the beginning of the next decade more than half of India’s population would be accessing the internet. And they would be doing it not only on PCs, but also on smartphones, tablets, laptops and future mobile devices. Ask anybody what is their favorite search engine and they would reply Google. Yes, Google has been the primary search engine for searching anything on the wide web. Bing and Yahoo are also been used but their usage is not considerable. People joke that they only use these websites when Google is down for some reasons. So somebody who is interested in SEO would ask what did Indians search for in 2017? What caught their fancy? It would be an interesting read to know what goes in the minds of our country people. Let us find out some of the top searches which were revealed by analysts: 1) Bollywood This is an all time favourite. Indians can never get enough of Bollywood. I am sure everybody must have heard of this Indian movie industry. If somebody has...

Businesses Which Can Benefit From SEO

by ssi | Jan 10, 2018 | Healthcare, SEO for Healthcare, SEO Needs, Seo Services, seo strategies, SEO Techniques |

Few years back when you required a particular product or service the first thing you would refer to was the Yellow pages. This business directory could be found everywhere: in homes, offices, clubs and libraries. And you could get these thick books absolutely free. You just needed to look out for the listing of the desired product and call their offices. The bigger the Ad of the manufacturer, the more the chances of them being noticed. Another way to look out for your desired product was to call your landline telephone inquiry number and ask them. With the advent of the internet and SEO, the yellow pages can hardly be found anywhere. People have stopped referring to these directories. These business friendly books were a cheap and easy way to get noticed not only for national companies but also for the local industries too. The landline telephone number has also taken a backstage. With the birth of mobile phones you can hardly find a proper landline phone. But businesses and industries will continue to need to be noticed. Some of them cannot afford the expensive hoardings, TV and newspaper advertisements or a marketing team. There is a solution for such companies who want to be noticed by the general public but are on a shoestring budget. The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For some, who are not so tech savvy, it is vital to get used to this acronym. In layman’s terms, it is about getting your business noticed on the internet. An ideal place on the internet is on the first page of search engines. That’s...

Google Algorithms and its Impact on SEO

by ssi | Jan 9, 2018 | Google Algorithm Update, Hummingbird Friendly Content, Latest SEO Trends, SEO News |

SEO is an ever evolving field. What rules were valid yesterday may or may not be true today. Similarly what rules are applicable today may no longer be applicable in their pure form in the future. Search engines are in a major way responsible for how the common person uses SEO. Google for example wants to provide the best experience for users. Hence, they are changing the way they provide search results. In the past unethical folks used SEO to their advantage to provide substandard content. Their intention was to move high up in rankings without delivering any quality content. But gone are the old days now. Search engines are getting smarter. They are constantly in the process of research and development to remove any deficiencies in their method of working. They are one step ahead of those who want to cheat them. And one way to do that is to regularly come up with updates and process changes. Google makes a lot of changes to its algorithms and frequently comes up with something new. It chooses not to announce all its algorithms. There could a reason to it. By not publicizing each and every algorithms, Google prevents some people from messing with SEO rankings. There are some unscrupulous people in this world who will do anything to fool with Google updates. Let us see some of the major algorithms Google has come up with. Anybody who is interested in SEO rankings and has online interests should keep a watch for such updates. Google Panda What is Google Panda? This was a major Google SEO algorithm. Before 2011, there...

Get Extra Business Edge With Local SEO

by ssi | Jan 8, 2018 | Local SEO, SEO Needs, seo strategies, SEO Techniques |

Just a decade or so back SEO was quite different. Whatever updates and changes that we see now in search engine rankings were absent few years back. The criteria for ranking on Google and other search engines has changed radically. During those times there was no difference between normal and local SEO. But today with changing business environments, search engines have become more specific and geographically narrow. And that’s how local SEO came into the picture. Ever heard of local SEO? What is local SEO and why is it important that your business know about it? Let me explain with some examples. Imagine you have unexpected guests in your house and you wish to take them out for dinner. You are mostly likely to search in Google for “restaurant + your locality”. You get a list of restaurants which are located geographically very close to your place. Or perhaps you got a job in a new city. You rented a flat in the new city and relocated there. Everything in the new location was strange for you. Now suppose you had an urgent need to visit a hospital. You immediately type in google “hospital near me”. Google spits out the complete list of hospitals which are near your house. This is what local SEO is all about. It can be defined as a branch of SEO which deals with search engine optimization of industries and businesses in a particular locality. It is optimizing your online content so local consumers can easily find you. It is more relevant for those who are interested in generating more customers in their immediate...

7 Tips to Hire the Right SEO Company

by ssi | Jan 3, 2018 | SEO companies, SEO Needs, SEO News, Seo Services |

Does your website show on the top of search engines when you type the relevant keywords? Is your company visible on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines? If the answer is no, then you are practically invisible for potential customers who are searching for your products. A good search engine visibility is key to business success. What your website is missing is proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But not all website owners have the time to look after the SEO of their business. Many may lack the technical expertise needed to improve search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization is not child’s play that anybody can easily do on their own. In such cases, one can go for hiring an SEO consultant or a professional company which is specializing in search engine optimizing. How do you get a trustworthy person to do the job? There are several SEO companies showing in search results—whom to choose? Here are some ways you can choose the right candidate: 1) What do you wish to achieve: Decide on the goals for hiring the SEO firm. You may want to have an online presence and hence get a website build. Or you may be having a website, but not getting good rankings. If you need a new website build, chances are the SEO firm may also be in the business of website creation. You have a better chances of getting a discount if the firm handles both your website creation and your website rankings. 2) Narrowing your search: The best way to find a reputed SEO company is by...

Writing for the Web: Print vs Online

by ssi | Jan 2, 2018 | content writing, seo strategies, Web Content Writing |

Before the advent of the internet and SEO, books and newspapers were our medium of reading. It was the usual practice to browse through the morning newspaper on our way to work. Subscriptions to libraries and reading halls was the norm. Remember when you use to sit for hours in the library reading your favorite novel. An ideal way to spend your weekend morning was to leaf through your favorite magazine while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. Remember in your childhood you would rush home from school eager to read your new comics book. But things have changed now. Books, magazines, newspapers, comics and brochures are not the only sole medium of information. Now most of the people get their daily dose of content by going online through websites and blogs. The way people read has drastically changed. What does this mean for content writing? We all know how content is important from the SEO point of view. Should writers change how they write when posting on the net? And the answer is a complete Yes. How should a writer transform his style of writing on the web. Let’s find out some of the writing for the web best practices: 1) The F shape pattern: Content writing is just not about SEO and keywords, it is also recognizing the manner in which a reader reads online. While reading on hard print people read word by word, and line by line. But while on the web, they normally use the F-pattern layout. It means on web page, they will scan the top section in a horizontal way....

Marketing Your Resort Through SEO

by ssi | Dec 29, 2017 | Latest SEO Trends, Mobile Friendly, SEO companies, SEO Needs, Seo Services, seo strategies |

I have been to a beautiful resort which lies on a scenic hill station. I got to know it from a friend who had visited it the previous year. This resort has all the necessities a tourist could wish for. It has a beautiful valley view, delicious food, 24 hours prompt room service, and clean and hygienic interiors. Even the rates are affordable. There is one problem though. When you search on google, this resort can be found on the 4th page. It is as good as being invisible from the SEO point of view. In a way it was good for me that the resort was on the 4th page. More down the search results meant less crowds, less expensive, and more freedom. But if there are similar good resorts and hotels which come on the bottom of search results, I may not be able to find them. This way I would be missing a lot in form of variety and choices. Some resorts and hotels are far away from civilization based at isolated locations. Could this be the reason they are unaware of SEO, web traffic, rankings and stuff like that? Right now, I do not know the answer. But I am going to find out. Somehow I consider it my moral duty to make them aware that there are scores and scores of people searching for them. These people are from far away places and want to visit these resorts and beautiful locations. Resorts, such as the one I mentioned above, should make themselves ‘findable’ by incorporating the appropriate basic SEO tactics on their websites. What...,/p>

The Mobile Revolution: SEO for Mobile

by ssi | Dec 28, 2017 | Latest SEO Trends, Mobile Friendly, Mobile SEO, seo strategies, SEO Techniques |

More than a decade back people waiting at public places were either found reading newspapers, or talking with somebody, or just staring around. There was one gadget which had still not made its appearance then–the ubiquitous mobile phone. But in the present day, wherever you look around in a public place you are most likely to see people staring into their mobile phones. Either they are checking their emails, or reading something on the net, or maybe just giggling at some joke on whatsapp. The mobile has captured everybody’s hearts and therefore their lives. According to one media report, in 2017 there are around 300 million smartphone users in India. If this report is accurate, very soon half of India’s population would be using smartphones in the near future. What does it mean for businesses and website owners? It means more and more people are getting on the mobile and their everyday use is increasing rapidly. It also means a huge portion of customers would be accessing products and commercial websites through mobile smartphones. Hence, it is logical to take into account SEO and user experience for mobiles. Mobilegeddon–The Google Mobile Friendly Update Some time back in 2015 we saw how Google took into account mobile experience by launching Mobilegeddon. This SEO algorithm took into account the user-friendliness of websites on smartphones and other mobile devices. Websites which looked better on PCs as well as on mobiles were given priority in search results. Whether or not this had a huge impact is irrelevant. The point to note is Google too is placing increasing emphasis on how consumers are efficiently...

SEO Mistakes: Avoid Being Kicked Out By Search Engines

by ssi | Dec 27, 2017 | Keyword Density, SEO mistakes, Seo Services, seo strategies |

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique to get ahead of others in the rankings of search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There is no doubt that SEO is really vital for websites to earn traffic. Organizations invest a lot of time, effort, and money to get their websites optimized for search engines. But is it possible they could be doing just the opposite? Are they committing SEO mistakes which are pushing them down rather than up the rankings of search engines? Check out if you are making the following mistakes: 1) Content is King: If you have low-quality, crappy content on your website, then it is time to say bye bye to your SEO rankings. That is because search engines hold content with high regard. If your content is bad, your rankings are going to be bad. How to enhance the content on your website? Make sure it is informative and provides appropriate knowledge to your readers. More words the better. Ideally it should be beyond 600 words touching around 1000 words. It should be grammatically correct with proper sentence construction, no spelling mistakes, right usage of punctuation etc. Readers would not stay long on a page which is poorly written. People would avoid linking to your website if they see poor content. 2) Plagiarized content: Content on your website or blog should be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Using plagiarized or duplicate content is one of the worst SEO mistakes one can make. Also two different pages on the same website should not have the same content. This is a big no-no for...