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Performance Testing

Performed to verify the server response time and throughput under various load conditions.

Load Testing

Linear scalability – where an application’s performance does not vary as the number of users increases – is the Holy Grail of Web application testing. Load testing identifies a Scalability Index for your Web application performance.

  • Check server response to browser form submit requests
  • Identify performance changes over a period of time
  • Test for functions that stop working at higher levels of user load
  • Identify the network latency problems on Web application function

Stress Testing

  • Determine how the application responds under high levels of load
  • Identify portions of the Web application that fail under high levels of load
  • Identify application function after a system crash or component failure
  • Identify forms and links that operate differently under high levels of load

Soak testing

Soak Testing also known as endurance testing, is performed to determine the system parameters under continuous expected load. During soak tests the parameters such as memory utilization is monitored to detect memory leaks or other performance issues. The main aim is to discover the system’s performance under sustained use.

Spike testing

Spike testing is performed by increasing the number of users suddenly by a very large amount and measuring the performance of the system. The main aim is to determine whether the system will be able to sustain the work load.